In a very wee nutshell; I'm an internet enthusiast, and you know, a woman that enjoys many fine things. I recently relocated to San Francisco, California, from Montreal, Canada. I have a pug named Herbie that I love very much. I've been working with the web in some capacity since 1996, and have done so professionally since 2004. My passion lies in connecting ideas and people, and not in saying cheesy things like "connecting ideas and people". Wait, what?

I'm currently the Developer Community Manager at Mashery. We're doing crazy amazing things with APIs.

I'm an occasional contributor to I report on emerging technology and startups.

In a wacky twist, I recently contributed to and do I ever like making people happy in the silliest possible ways.

Do you like fun, laughing, music, the internet and general merriment? Well then by all means, let us connect.